We all know it’s important to be physically active, yet most of us aren’t getting enough exercise on a regular basis. Despite all the stats and warnings about the impact a sedentary lifestyle has on our health, it can be challenging to make exercise a part of our regular routine.

At the YMCA, we know it’s hard. But we’re here to make it easier for you. With more than 120 Health & Fitness centres across Canada, you’ll find the support you need to help you and your family get and stay active.

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    Why We're Different

    The YMCA is more than a gym, we're a place where you'll find the support you and your family need to get moving on the path to better health.

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    Our Programs

    We offer lots of ways to stay active and healthy. From classes to individual work-outs, you'll find something that fits you.

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    How to Join

    Learn more about becoming a member at your local YMCA.