A group of global YMCA partners gather for a photo to demonstrate how the YMCA is creating global change, starting in Canada.

We know we can’t change the world alone, but we know together we can do more. That’s the power of a global community.

The YMCA in Canada is only part of the YMCA story. In fact, the YMCA is a global network with YMCAs in 119 countries all over the world! While the Y looks a bit different from country to country, we’re all united by our passion to improve the lives of the people, particularly young people, in our communities.

We believe that human development is a right and that every person deserves opportunities to grow in spirit, mind and body.

So how do we make this a reality for as many people as we can?

Our global work

Through YMCA Global Initiatives, we’re working here in Canada and with our YMCA partners around the world to build strong, supportive bridges across cultural and national boundaries. By working together, we’re harnessing the power of a global community to create opportunities to give more people the chance to be healthy in spirit, mind and body.

We’re also creating opportunities for more people to become actively engaged in strengthening communities, both at home and abroad, increasing their understanding of what it truly means to be a global citizen.

Making a difference internationally together

Our partnerships with other YMCAs around the world are the cornerstone of our work to provide people with the essentials they need to grow and thrive through:

  • Working with our Global YMCA Partners to support their efforts on the ground in their local communities
  • Emergency fundraising efforts to support the YMCA’s response to major disasters around the world
  • Being an active member of the YMCA World Alliance

Making a difference in Canada together

YMCA Global Initiatives provides opportunities for Canadians to broaden their perspectives and become involved with global issues in many ways:

  • Celebrating peace makers in our communities during YMCA Peace Week
  • Educating Canadians on global issues through workshops at local Ys
  • Providing global leadership development opportunities at local Ys
  • Supporting newcomers adjust to life in Canada through our immigrant and refugee services at local Ys

Get Involved

To learn more about global initiatives in your area, visit your local YMCA's website.

Contact global@ymca.ca for more information on how to support a specific global YMCA partnership or project.