A group of children demonstrate community by putting their arms around one another. Financial assistance is available to those who need it through YMCA Canada.

At the YMCA, our doors are open to everyone, regardless of their ability to afford program fees.

Our purpose is to help individuals grow in spirit, mind and body through a supportive network, and we work hard to make sure that money is not a barrier for anyone to join us.

Through charitable donations, fundraising, and other sources, YMCAs across the country are able to offer financial assistance so that anyone in your community can participate in YMCA programs.

Research shows that your financial situation, type of work, education and neighbourhood all have a significant impact on your health – usually adding more stress. We believe that everyone deserves the chance to lead a healthy life, and your bank account should not be a barrier.

Over 289,000 individuals across Canada received YMCA financial assistance last year, helping to decrease their risk of chronic disease, overcome social isolation, lower stress levels, spend time with their family and more.

Thank you to our generous supporters, partners and volunteers who make this possible every day.

To access financial assistance

Each YMCA has their own process for determining eligibility for financial assistance. Please contact your local YMCA for more information.