Children enjoying a hike at YMCA Camp Elphinstone, Gibsons, BC.

Plan Y: Expedition is the next leg of our journey toward the Canada We Want and the YMCA We Need.

The Canada We Want

Has safe and vibrant communities, a strong economy and ensures environmental sustainability.

Demonstrates leadership in:

  • Improving the health of all people
  • Respect for diversity and pluralism
  • Combating inequalityCaribou illustration
  • Protecting its most vulnerable
  • Global citizenship
  • Nurturing the potential of young people


The YMCA We Need

  • Is deeply rooted in communities: recognized for its vital role in strengthening the foundations of community and by contributing to a more civil society based on equality and inclusion;
  • Is grounded in a strong federation: bringing together best know-how, best people, best programs and best practices; reaching beyond our walls and borders to existing and new partners to amplify impact;
  • Has an imperative to improve the health and well-being of children, teens and young adults.


Our Goal

The goal of our plan is simple: The YMCA movement in Canada will be sustainable, relevant, and have impact. Our three pillars act in dynamic relationship to one another. They do not stand alone.Compass illustration

  • Sustainable: A federation of vibrant YMCAs where no Y is in crisis
  • Relevant: Serve more people through a “best in class” participant experience
  • Impact: Foster a sense of belonging for all


Our values drive our decision-making and behaviours

In addition to the core values of YMCA Member Associations such as Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility, we will be:

Inclusive. We value and reflect the pluralism of Canadian society. We will engage and consult with those affected by our actions.

Collaborative. We recognize our interdependence and commit to collaborating – both within the Federation and with external partners – to support our common purpose at home and abroad.

Accountable. We are mutually accountable for our actions; our processes are open and transparent.

Sustainable. We have a responsibility to be good stewards of resources for the long term.

Proactive. We adapt quickly to new opportunities and community needs by exploring promising approaches. We share research, evaluation and best practices to guide what we do collectively.


Our enablers

There are six enablers that are critical to the success of our areas of strategic focus. Each enabler impacts multiple aspects of our work simultaneously. Together, they create the fundamental underpinnings for our work.

  • YMCA Development Network: Our platform for system-wide modernization support and harmonization efforts.
  • YMCA brand strategy: The shared story and messaging that define why the Y matters as well as our common voice, look and identity standards.Swiss army knife illustration
  • Philanthropy: Strengthening the culture of philanthropy in YMCAs; offering opportunities to give of time, talent, and treasure in support of our goal.
  • Federation and Member Association Governance: The essential processes and policies that define our relationships.
  • Youth engagement: How we create, foster, and support the incorporation and strengthening of youth voice in our YMCA.
  • Innovation: Innovation is both a process and an outcome. Our commitment to advance the Federation through inventive, creative solutions.


Focus on the essentials

We will achieve our goal of being sustainable, relevant, and having impact by having a relentless focus on six areas. Focusing on these areas does not mean that the everyday work of YMCA Member Associations and the other components of the Development Network will not continue. It means that this is how federation resources will be prioritized; where alignment will be expected; and how we will Magnifying glass illustrationmeasure success.

  1. Strengthen the YMCA’s operating models
  2. Cultivate leaders today for tomorrow’s success
  3. Transform our relationship with technology
  4. Amplify our voice through advocacy
  5. Extend the YMCA core offering
  6. Foster a global mindset

Moving our Expedition forward

Plan Y: Expedition recommits us to the call to action of making Canada the best country in the world for the health of its children, teens, and young adults, at the heart of “The Canada We Want” and “The YMCA We Need.”

Informed by our past and our present, Plan Y: Expedition moves us boldly into the future.

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