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“Being a member of a gym is a commitment to oneself. Being a member of a YMCA means more than that. It means being a member of a community of people that genuinely care for one another and are committed to your success.”
- YMCA Member

The YMCA is a charity that believes everyone deserves to be healthy in spirit, mind and body and it’s our mission to make this a reality. When you walk through our doors, we want you to feel welcome and a have a strong sense of belonging to our YMCA community. Research has shown that this connection to others and your community can have a huge impact on your health.

That’s why inside each YMCA you’ll find a vibrant community, alive with people who are making healthy choices for themselves and helping others do the same.

Here are some of the ways we make it easier to make physical activity part of your regular routine.

Supportive Community

Discover why so many call us their second home! Our staff and volunteers are here to guide and encourage you to reach your goals, every step of the way. But many people are also surprised by the friendship and support they receive from other Y members.

Child Minding

Let us take care of your child while you take care of yourself! Available at most Ys, your child will be safe and have a ton of fun with our child minding staff, giving you the chance to workout or take part in your favourite activity or class.

Programs for All Ages

With programs and fitness classes for the very young to the young at heart, the YMCA is where different generations can get healthier together. We place special emphasis on scheduling our programs so the whole family can find opportunities to be active at the same time in one place.

Many Ways to Be Active

Everyone has their favourite way of staying fit, so we make sure you have plenty of choice. With most of our Ys featuring a fitness centre, gym and pool, there’s plenty of equipment, classes and activities to keep your workout as routine or varied as you like!

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Financial Assistance

No one should be denied the opportunity to be active because they cannot afford a gym membership. As part of our charitable purpose, financial assistance is available to help reduce or eliminate the costs of membership.

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Personal training

Our Programs

We offer lots of ways to stay active and healthy. From classes to individual work-outs, you'll find something that fits you.

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How to Join

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