A group of youth get ready to enjoy a game of basketball at their local YMCA.

The YMCA mission truly comes to life through the programs and services we deliver in communities across Canada. Everything we do has a single purpose: to improve the health and well-being of Canadians in spirit, mind and body.

We know health is more than just the absence of illness or your physical fitness level. It’s also about your social, mental and emotional well-being. On the surface you may not think of our programs as health programs, but take a closer look, and you’ll see that we are helping Canadians of all ages be healthier in every way.

At the Y, we think the best way to help people is by offering programs and services that give them a chance to connect with others and their community, building a supportive network where we’re all working together to reach our goals, building healthier communities and a healthier Canada in the process.

Explore how YMCA programs are supporting over 2.25 million Canadians on their journey to better health.

Woman working out at the YMCA smiles and shows that health and fitness can be fun.

Health and Fitness

Mother pushes her daughter on a raft in the pool during a YMCA aquatics program.


An infant at YMCA Child Care plays and smiles

Child Care

Two boys looking over the edge of a dock into lake at YMCA camp


A youth taking part in a YMCA employment program pauses for a photo.

Employment Services

Woman smiles while participating in a YMCA training program

Education and Training

Young girl participating in YMCA youth program looks confidently into camera

Youth Engagement

A community of women gather to take part in a YMCA Community Initiative Program to discuss healthy c

Community Initiatives

YMCA participants in Zambia play with a parachute outdoors

Global Initiatives