Sydney-Victoria MP Mark Eyking, middle, and Andre Gallant, CEO of the YMCA of Cape Breton, talk to YMCA employee Jenna Sheppard on Wednesday afternoon after Eyking announced federal funding
Photo: Jenna Sheppard, Mark Eyking, Andre Gallant

“YMCAs across the country are keenly aware that education and employment are among the top determinants of health. By helping people find meaningful work, we can also help address long-term health outcomes,” said André Gallant, CEO of the YMCA of Cape Breton. André was at an event to announce that the YMCA of Cape Breton will receive federal funding for its Youth-Skills Link Project.

The project focuses on strengthening the leadership and life skills of youth in Cape Breton, including hands-on work experience, job search assistance and skills upgrading resources for youth facing barriers to employment. Participants may include youth who are single parents, have disabilities, are newcomers, or live in rural or remote communities. “In a region with chronically high unemployment rates, we need to do everything we can as a community to give tools to succeed. We believe our Youth Skills Link program does exactly that,” added Gallant.