Effective Monday, April 1, the YMCA of Brockville and Area and the YMCA of Kingston have agreed to become one regional YMCA, known as the YMCA of Eastern Ontario. This will strengthen their collective ability to create healthier communities.

By voting unanimously, both boards gave full support to the unification process. A new board of directors consisting of members from both discontinued boards will be in charge of managing its governance affairs.

Across Canada, YMCA Member Associations are exploring regional unification, the goal of which is to strengthen the YMCA’s ability to create healthier communities, rich with opportunity, potential, and belonging.

In a joint statement, Board Chairs Brad Speck and Jay Rayner stated, "The work the YMCA does in our communities is so important, and we are fortunate to have great leaders, volunteers, and donors. The YMCA's goal is always to increase our reach and have a greater impact. Becoming the YMCA of Eastern Ontario is an important step in that direction.”

CEO Rob Adams stated, "It’s a very memorable day for the YMCA of Eastern Ontario. I am so very grateful and proud of the hard work and commitment from each board, staff and volunteer teams, and community stakeholders displayed to get us to this point. We have already seen the benefits of what this amalgamation brings and now it’s time to look for new partnerships, and expand on current ones, that will allow us to extend our reach, and assist more Canadians discover their full potential."