A mentor helps a student with his homework

In January, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Ralph Goodale announced $5 million over five years in federal funding to expand the YMCA's Plusone Mentoring program.

YMCA Plusone Mentoring is a community-based program that aims at engaging early with youth who are experiencing academic or social challenges in their daily lives by pairing them with a caring, adult volunteer role model.

Led by the YMCAs of Quebec, the nationally implemented program has now been successfully established in four cities across the country: Moncton, NB; Montreal, QC; Regina, SK; and Surrey, BC, with a goal to help 720 participants between the ages of 10 and 17 expand their network of support and their positive engagement with the community.

“My youth has been teaching me just as much as I have been teaching her,” said a Plusone program Mentor. “After spending time with her on a weekly basis, I realize how she is having a positive impact on my life. Every week she opens up a bit more, which is really great and you genuinely start to form a bond. This is a really good program that is beneficial for the mentor and the mentee.”

Congratulations to the YMCAs of Quebec for the ongoing success of this innovative program!