Did you know that the YMCA is older than Canada? Are you familiar with the role that Canada’s Ys played in our earliest railway communities? On Monday, Feb. 20, the YMCA LocalMOTION Challenge kicked off across the country in celebration of Canada’s 150th. LocalMOTION encourages Canadians to engage with their local YMCA, share the unique role of Railway YMCAs in Canadian history, and deepen the standing of the YMCA in communities across the country.

The YMCA LocalMOTION Challenge invites all Canadians to take part in an online challenge, from Feb. 20-July 31, 2017, with the chance to win amazing prizes! YMCA LocalMOTON LIVE Events will take place in communities across Canada as well. You may have already heard about a LocalMOTION event in your Association.

For more information on the Challenge and what’s happening across the country, check out the LocalMOTION website.