Fit for Function
Photo: Hamilton Health Sciences

“After you have a stroke, you feel like you have a lot of problems without many solutions. This has been my solution.” Roland Strempler, 54-year-old stroke survivor, is speaking about Fit for Function, a 12-week exercise and education program that helps stroke survivors improve their mobility, strength, balance, gait and co-ordination. It’s part of LiveWell, a series of health management programs for chronic illnesses including diabetes, stroke, cancer, heart disease and joint or bone issues.

LiveWell is offered through a partnership of the YMCA of Hamilton/ Burlington/ Brantford, Hamilton Health Sciences and McMaster University. The innovative partnership was highlighted in a recent issue of Share, the newsletter for Hamilton Health Sciences. “Health care isn’t confined within the walls of a hospital,” says Sharon Pierson, vice president of community medicine and population health at Hamilton Health Sciences. “This program is an excellent example of how we can create better supports and outcomes for our patients when we team up with community service providers. This type of collaboration is key to building a healthier future for Hamilton, and for our region.”