The 2016 YMCA Healthy Kids Survey reveals that Canadian parents acknowledge there are barriers keeping them from leading a healthy active lifestyle, including: a lack of time (44%), work/life balance (34%) and energy or motivation (28%).

When it comes to their children’s healthy development, parents are most concerned about their children’s mental/emotional health (50%) followed by physical (28%) and social health (22%).

The YMCA believes health is holistic and interconnected and the organization approaches it from a spirit, mind and body framework. It is the power of community found through activity together and a supportive network that helps people achieve greater health, in every way. For children, participation in organized, summer activities helps them make new friends giving them a sense of belonging and confidence which boosts their energy levels and leads to more activity with their new pals.

“We know that planning is a very important part of a healthy lifestyle,” said Laura Palmer-Korn, President & CEO (Acting), YMCA Canada. “Yet 75% of parents have not yet enrolled their kids in programs for the summer which is fast approaching. Of greater concern is the fact that 39% do not intend to sign their children up for programs over the summer, a time when the risk of learning loss, boredom and disengagement are high.”

On May 1st, YMCA Healthy Kids Day will give parents a chance to prioritize their family’s health. Many YMCA centres across Canada will open their doors for free to help local families discover how simple and fun healthy living can be with the YMCA as their partner.

To find a local Healthy Kids Day event, visit YMCA.ca/HealthyKids.