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YMCAs across Canada rely on the generous support of individuals and organizations to offer programs to those in need that improve health, reduce social isolation and inspire hope.

In addition, YMCA Canada accepts donations to help ensure YMCAs across the country are able to address critical community issues. By supporting YMCA Canada, you can help strengthen and foster development of YMCAs across Canada.

How your donation can support the work of YMCA Canada

Where funds are needed the most

Help the YMCA support communities across the country in times need, economic crisis and more.

YMCA Canada helps to support the work of local YMCAs by responding to urgent needs, developing best practices, program standards and more. By supporting YMCA Canada’s work where funds are needed most, you are helping us to address the issues facing communities who need our help right now.

YMCA Canada Endowment Fund

Ensure the YMCA’s 160+ year history continues by supporting the YMCA’s Endowment Fund.

A gift to YMCA Canada’s Endowment Fund will not be used right away. Instead, your donation will be invested along with many others, helping ensure the sustainability and longevity of the YMCA in Canada.

By making a significant gift to the YMCA’s Endowment Fund, especially gifts of $5,000 or more, you will be inducted into YMCA Canada’s Heritage Club – an esteemed group of individuals truly invested in the long term goal of building a healthier Canada. Please see YMCA Canada Heritage Club for more information.

Support the YMCA’s Global Work

Your support of YMCA Canada’s global work can help young people in Canada and abroad become more engaged, healthier global citizens.

As an active member of the global YMCA network, YMCA Canada supports the work of YMCAs around the world to help their communities become healthier through a variety of partnerships, technical and financial assistance. YMCA Canada also provides program resources on topics like peace, global education and citizenship for local YMCAs Global Initiatives programs.  

Contact for more information or to support a specific global YMCA partnership or project.