Two YMCA Canada fundraisers smile for the camera at their local YMCA. Become involved in your community - become a YMCA Fundraiser!

Change the lives of children, families and adults in our communities by helping raise funds to support our work!

Becoming a YMCA fundraiser lets you become involved in your community in a very meaningful way. As a charity, we rely on donations to carry out our work, such as delivering much-needed community-based services or providing financial assistance to low-income families so they can access the programs they need.

Become a YMCA Fundraiser

Build your own fundraising webpage! All donations go directly back to your YMCA, and you can easily share your page with friends and family.

Tips for successful fundraising

Get creative!

Birthday parties, sports events (races, etc), and other special occasions can be a great reason to get your friends and family involved in your cause.

Share your story!

Don’t be shy – you are doing something wonderful, so share your page and follow up with friends and family.

Make your own donation first

Get your page started by making your own donation first, then ask your friends and family to join you, or match your support!

For more details on how your YMCA can support your efforts, or other YMCA events in your community, please contact your local YMCA.