Housing affordability is the top concern of young Canadians, and for good reason – household income is not keeping pace with the rising cost of housing. Approximately 24% of Canadian households spend a third of their annual income paying for housing costs, which means that nearly a quarter of our population meets the criteria for having a housing affordability problem*.

The YMCA believes in a Canada where all Canadians feel that they belong. This means dealing with the housing crisis head on, and working towards a future where safe and secure housing is accessible and affordable for all Canadians.

The Way Forward

To make sure we move in the right direction, we have outlined the following federal policy goals that we believe will lead to more affordable and accessible housing for all Canadians:

  • Maintain leadership on housing and homelessness programs, and recognizing housing as a human right.
  • Integrate and align funding and policies as part of homeless prevention strategies and housing programs:
    • Support Canadians with complex needs (mental health and addictions, trauma, incarceration, newcomers, skills development) by funding health and social services.
    • Present clear program objectives and streamline application procedures for serviceproviders.
  • Update existing and build new quality transitional, permanent, supportive and affordable housing units.

Our Impact

The YMCA has been providing housing supports in Canada for over 100 years and continues to play a vital role today. In 2017, over 16,000 people were offered safe and secure housing through 10 YMCA Member Associations. This is because we take a ‘no wrong door’ approach, offering wrap-around, developmentally-appropriate programs that help Canadians become better connected to their communities and equipped with the skills they need to reach their full potential. 

How You Can Help

We believe that Canadians have real solutions on how to make housing more affordable and accessible. This federal election, think about your vision for housing when you vote.


*Statistics Canada

Other Policy Areas

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