• Child Care

    Canada needs accessible, high-quality early learning and child care that is inclusive and affordable now more than ever. It supports child development and families, and it increases women’s participation in the workforce. It also bolsters jobs in the child care sector predominately held by women. Learn more about our policy recommendations on how to build a pan-Canadian child care system for all. 

  • Employment

    Stable and meaningful employment fosters independence, encourages community contribution, improves mental health, and leads to financial stability for young people. The current job market has a disproportionate emphasis on short-term, low-paying, and unstable positions. Learn about our policy recommendations on how Canada can improve the availability of stable and secure employment for all young people.

  • Housing

    Secure housing is a key determinant of health and well-being. Unsuitable and unaffordable housing leads Canadians to feel like they don’t belong in their own communities. Learn about our policy recommendations for creating a Canada that provides affordable and accessible housing for all.

  • Healthy Living

    Healthy lifestyles lead to better job performance, stronger personal relationships, and improved mental health. Current supports are inadequate for young Canadians trying to get active, eat healthy, and develop belonging in their communities. Learn about our policy recommendations for how Canada can better encourage and support healthy lifestyles.